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Ordering delicious hand made chocolates from CassPea is simple and fun!

Choose from our box sizes of 9, 15, 24 or 48. Each colourful yet sturdy box is carefully packaged to retain freshness of flavour and the design makes a fantastic gift for a loved one. We have over 15 flavours to choose from, including alcohol free, nut free and gluten free options (please note we cannot guarantee 100% nut free for those with severe allergies)

  • 1: Select your box size
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Advent Calendar

Advent Calendar

24 Tastes of Christmas

We find ourselves at the juncture eagerly awaited by many – the advent of the Christmas holidays. It is with great pleasure that we extend an invitation to partake in the festivities, surrounded by dear friends and family, and enhance this experience with our innovative Advent Calendar.

Our advent calendar is a testament to craftsmanship and holiday spirit. Beyond the mere countdown, it offers an immersive experience, with each door revealing not just numbers and riddles, but a curated selection of novel flavors and exquisite decorations, thoughtfully crafted for this occasion.

Prepare to relish the magic of the season, unwrapping a new delight each day.

May your Christmas season be marked by joy and merriment, and may our Advent Calendar enhance every moment of this cherished time.