We are a new company, created by a team of dedicated chefs with over a decade of experience in the chocolate industry. We have worked in some amazing kitchens around the world, which taught us discipline and perfection in our craft. We want you to enjoy eating our chocolates as much as we enjoy making them.

(which incidentally has nothing to do with peas) is a combination of my daughters' names. The project really started about 7 years ago when as newly weds, my wife and I opened a small chocolate shop in Mexico city. With little experience and a lot of passion we worked endlessly to establish a quality brand in Mexico. After 5 years we decided to relocate back to the UK and start our lives with our little ones. After almost a year of being back we decided that the time was right to start our enterprise again in London. We learned a lot from our venture in Mexico, and we have brought much of that to CassPea. This is reflected in our decorations, flavours, packaging and the way we do business.

Company’s Objective

CassPea is a brand that crafts artisan hand-painted chocolate bonbons. Each bonbon creates a fun experience and evokes a sense of creativity and wonder. In CassPea we are convinced that high-level food can be inclusive and fun to enjoy anytime and anywhere.


To change the perspective of gourmet chocolates, to make them fun and accessible. We want to use our expertise in design, flavours and packaging to create a brand that is inclusive and warm.


We want our chocolates to make someone’s day better. Regardless, if they buy them or follow them on social media, we want it to be an experience that will enrich their day. Having suffered from mental health issues, making something that can give someone even a split second of joy during a dark moment is something we strive to achieve.


Creativity & Innovation

We believe that food should be fun and interesting. This is why we believe that creativity and innovation are key to the success of the company and its ability to achieve their mission and vision.

Free expression

One thing that promotes creativity is the exchange of ideas, and for that to happen we need people to feel comfortable making mistakes and exploring their ideas in a respectful and nurturing environment.


we believe that if you have fun and enjoy what you do, you are more likely to make something extraordinary. If we can incorporate this value into our culture, it would make it easier to achieve our other values, our mission and vision.